WebLogic migration to production

The Banner production INB and SSB Web Servers will be migrated from OAS 10g to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g (WebLogic) tomorrow morning, Thursday 6/21/2012 between 5:00AM – 7:00AM. Prior to logging into Banner INB or SSB, you will need to clear out the Java cache on your workstation.

The following steps are for clearing out your Java cache:

1. Close down all web browser windows.

2. Go into your workstation’s control panel.

3. In upper right corner of window, select ‘Large icons’ in the drop down options for the ‘View by:’

4. Select ‘Java’

5. In the ‘General’ tab, click the ‘Settings . . . ‘ button in the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ section.

6. Click the ‘Delete Files . . .’ button in the ‘Disk Space’ section.

7. Click the ‘OK’ button in the ‘Delete Temporary Files’ window (both check boxes should be checked).

8. Click the ‘OK’ button in the ‘Temporary Files Settings’ window.

9. Click the ‘OK’ button in the ‘Java Control Panel’ window.

10. Close the ‘Control Panel’ window.

11. Start up your web browser.

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