Emergency Maintenance – reboots on all Middleware systems

Due to an unexpected issue brought on by the leap second change on July 1st we must request an emergency restart of all Linux systems running Java to fix broken Java processes on Middleware systems



When: 7/2/12 8:30:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Affected Services: Blackboard, IDM, Ibiweb Test, CAS, DHCP, NetReg, PhoneBill

Affected Systems: bba[1-6], bbc[1-2], bbm1, bbp10, bbp11, lintalon[0-1], dhcpboc[0-1], dhcpjup1, dhcpdav1, dhcppsl1, dhcpftl1, idm[1-2], idm4p, ibiweb2

Description of Maintenance: We will be restarting all Linux systems which use Java

User impact: Brief interruption of services for ibiweb test can be expected



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