2016 Summer Parking Rules


  1. VALID blue & green permits are allowed to park in any blue & green lot through the last day of the 2016 Summer Term August 8th. All other parking rules and policies including red permit lots will still be enforced.
  2. No permit violations in student lots only (blue & green) will not be enforced until May 23rd. On that day, you will need to to have a valid permit correctly displayed on your vehicle to park in any lot on campus. Alternatively, you will be required to park in a designated visitor area and pay via the parking meters.
  3. New Students– Once registered as a student with FAU, wait 24 hours before requesting a permit. Parking permits can be obtained online at myfau.fau.edu.
  4. 2016 Fall Term– Permits for the Fall semester term of 2016 will become available in August.

For complete information regarding parking policies, visit


Have a great summer everyone!

How Not to Get a Citation

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