Resurfacing Roadways Scheduled for February 25 through March 1 (Boca Raton Campus)

Weather permitting, resurfacing of some Boca Raton campus roadways will begin Thursday, Feb. 25 through Monday, March 1. All parking lots will remain open but may need to be accessed from a different street. There will be flag people at junctions to direct traffic.

The following areas will be affected:

  • Brevard Court: Thursday, Feb. 25 and Friday, Feb. 26

Parking Lot 22 can be accessed from Indian River Street

  • Indian River Street: Friday, Feb. 26 and Saturday, Feb. 27

Parking Lots 18 and 21 can be accessed through Lot 16

Parking Lots 22 and 23 can be accessed from Palm Beach Avenue

  • Parts of West University Drive: Saturday, Feb. 27 through Monday, March 1

Parking Lot 16 can be accessed from Dade Avenue via Indian River Street

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