Help! I can’t find any parking spots!

I can’t find any parking spots!

 FAU Garage 1

The Beginning of a New Semester!

The beginning of a new semester or academic year brings with it the challenge of finding the perfect parking spot.  Everything takes a little longer on campus during the first weeks of a new semester!  Take comfort that after a few weeks the hectic search will stabilize as students and faculty get used to the schedules, routines and the locations that are available at different times during the day.

Follow Us.

During the first few weeks of each semester we try to live tweet as the garages and lots fill.  Throughout the year we also try to retweet any local traffic issues that might affect our Owls.

facebook button      twitter button         Garage 3 Digital Monitor

Digital Counter and Signs.

Watch for signs on the front of the garages and DO NOT PULL IN IF THE SIGN SAYS FULL.  Garage 3 (by the stadium) has a digital counter that shows available spaces.  The digital counter can also be viewed on our website.

Alternate Entrances.

3 entrances to FAU from Glades Rd

Three (3) entrances to FAU from Glades Rd.

There are 5 entrances to FAU.

  1. Three (3) entrances off Glades Rd.
  2. Spanish River through the Research Center
  3. The 20th Street entrance from Federal Hwy (between Glades and Spanish River).

Allow extra time.

Surprisingly there really is plenty of parking spots on campus.  However, they cannot all be right next to our classes, therefore everyone must allow extra time to walk or take a shuttle from the outer lots.

Adjusting your arrival time on campus may make a difference in the competition you face for a parking space.

Know your options.     FAU Parking Google Map

As with all large Universities, everyone wants to park in the central campus lots.  Keep in mind that these lots (Lots 1, 4, 7, 16, 25, 28) usually fill first.  If you are arriving after 8am it will be an exercise in futility to drive around trying to get one of these spots.

Each semester is a little different, however historically Tuesdays and Thursdays are the busiest days.  The parking garages are usually full by 11:00 at the latest.  So if you are arriving on campus after that time it is usually wise to head to the outer lots. (Lots 5, 12, 13). 

Familiarize yourself with the map, so you know where to find the outer lots when you need them.  It takes far less time to walk from Lot 5, then it does to drive aimlessly around in traffic looking for a lucky spot.

Park once.

This is good advice no matter what time of year. If you need to be at various locations on campus throughout the day, leave your car where you parked it and either walk or jump on Owl Express to get there. It’s also good for the environment. (Possibly your waistline too 😉 )


How Not to Get a Citation

How Not to Get a Citation

Make sure you know the Parking Rules.

  1. Make sure your permit is active and up to date.  Click Here to find how to order your permit!
  2. Take a moment to read the rules and regulations.

Following these simple parking rules can save you the frustration and costs associated with receiving parking citations.




Let Parking & Transportation help if we can.

Our Customer Service staff is available via email or by phone 561-297-2771 to answer questions and help solve problems.


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Thanksgiving Reminders and Schedule Change

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Parking Office and Information Booth will close at 3pm on Wednesday 11/26/14.    We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Please remember to appoint a responsible Designated Driver and if you do find yourself in a situation where you feel you must drive you can call AAA Tow To Go Program. 





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Garage 1 First Floor Reserved 11/5 & 11/6

FAU Google Map

The 1st floor of Garage 1 (including the ramp to the second floor), and Volusia St. will be reserved for an event on Nov. 5th & 6th.

Please be sure to take a moment to look at the parking map and have a back up lot in mind especially if you will be arriving on campus after 10:30 on Thursday.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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Men’s International Soccer Game Traffic Advisory

Please allow extra travel time on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 as FAU hosts The Men’s International Soccer Game (USA vs Honduras).  The gates to the stadium will open at 6:30PM and the game begins at 8:00PM.  U.S. Soccer has estimated that attendance will be at least 15,ooo.  Parking for the game is $20 and will be collected by an outside vender. There will be tailgating in Lot 5 and 5a, and these lots will be filling first.

Students and staff should expect increasing traffic beginning around 2:30PM and increasing until game time. Please allow yourself extra time if you have classes in the afternoon or evening.

FAU staff and students WILL NOT be charged for parking for classes or work with Owl Card or FAU Parking Permit.

The 1st floor of Garage 3 will be reserved after 2pm.

Thank you for your patience.


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I got a Parking Citation! What do I do now?

FAU Parking Lot from Stadium

I got a Parking Citation?  What do I do now?

The rules of parking are designed to make parking as fair and easy as possible for everyone.  FAU Parking Regulations are strictly enforced, but we do have an appeals process.

What you need to know.

If you feel that a Parking and Transportation citation was issued in error or that there were extenuating circumstances associated with the citation, you can appeal for the citation.  You must submit the appeal online through your Parking and Transportation account within fourteen (14) calendar days of the issue date of the citation.

Boot fees and late charges are not eligible for appeal, and can be avoided by paying or appealing the citation within the 14 day window.  Citations may be paid or appealed through your MyFAU Account.

The first Appeal:

The first appeal is reviewed by the Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation Services or designee. The Assistant Director or designee will review the appeal and upon determining the outcome, notify the appellant in writing by email of the decision. If the citation is sustained, the fine must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of the decision, unless a final appeal is timely filed.

The Second (Final) Appeal:

A final appeal of the citation may be made by requesting a hearing before the Parking Violations Appeal Board. The Board is composed of seven (7) members: two (2) faculty, three (3) staff members from the University community, two (2) students and two (2) alternates. The Chief of Police or designee will act as adviser to the Board. The Board must establish a quorum to hear appeals. A quorum shall be defined as a minimum of five (5) members of the Parking Violations Appeal Board.

The final appeal must be submitted within fourteen (14) calendar days of the decision on the first appeal. The documentation that was reviewed will be forwarded to the Board, however the Board will make an independent determination of the case. The individual will be notified of the date, time, and location of the hearing and may present evidence. If the individual elects not to attend the hearing, the written appeal will be read aloud for the Board to review. The individual will be notified in writing of the decision of the Board.

If the citation is sustained, the fine must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of the Board’s decision. The Parking Violations Appeal Board is the final appeal authority; no further appeals are permitted.

Effective Appeals: 

Keep it brief and to the point.  Be sure to address the issue of the citation. (Don’t bring up tangential matters.  Avoid the temptation to editorialize. We are aware that convenient parking is scarce.)  Re-read your appeal, and be sure to provide all the information requested, before you submit it.  Familiarize yourself with the Parking Regulations so you know what you are contesting.  Remember: Abusive, abrasive, sarcastic or profane language will not help your appeal in any way. 

Ineffective Appeals Include:

Deniable appeals are those that in one way or another request an exemption to the Parking Rules & Regulations. People who attempt exemptions to the rules compromise the fairness to the people who park properly. Therefore, appeals of this type are bound to be denied.

How Not to Get a Citation

How Not to Get a Citation

These Include but are not Limited to:

  • “I do not agree with the parking regulation.”
  • “I didn’t know that was a rule.”
  • “I could not find any parking.”
  • “It wasn’t me driving my car.”
  • “I’ve parked there before and never received a ticket.”
  • “I thought the rule was something else.”
  • “Nobody TOLD me……”
  • “Someone told me something else.”
  • “I was late for ………”
  • “I can’t afford to pay it.”
  • “I didn’t know my permit was displayed wrong or expired.”
  • “Traffic was terrible.”
  •  “I was told incorrect verbal information.”
  • “I didn’t feel the designated parking area was safe.”
  • “I thought it was a space.”
  • “I was only there for one (two, five, ten…) minutes.”
  • “There is no sign that says I can’t park there.”
  • “The meter JUST ran out/I couldn’t get back to feed the meter.”

Read More about your citation or appeal here:

Take a moment also to #KnowRulesNoCitations:

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Motorcycle Parking – Stay between the lines

Unlike cars, Motorcycle Parking Spots do allow for multiple motorcycle or scooters to be parked in the same spot.  However, please do not park outside the lines, on the grass, on the sidewalk or in the street.  Any vehicle, scooter, or motorcycle parked outside lines of a space is in violation of the FAU Parking Rules and Regulations.

We have noticed that this has been occurring in the Motorcycle parking spots behind the Recreation and Fitness Center.  If this spot is full please seek alternate motorcycle parking in Lot 7 in front of Education or Lot 2 (NE corner next to the medical college).

Thanks for your cooperation.

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FAU Zipcar Launch

Wednesday, September 24 marked the University’s annual Campus Sustainability Day and this year was special in that Zipcar, the car-sharing service,  officially launched for the entire FAU community.

Zipcar, an alternative to bringing a car to school, gives members 24/7 access to vehicles parked right on the Boca Raton campus. Low hourly ($7.50/hr) and daily ($69/day) rates include gas, insurance and 180 miles per day to go wherever you want to go. Members can reserve cars online or with a smart phone for as little as an hour or up to seven days. More information can be found at

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Know the rules before you park. #AvoidCitations


How Not to Get a Citation

Classes start  Today!

Here is your quick reference on the parking rules.  Take a moment to read them and #AvoidCitations.

Remember:  We have lifted the permit requirements in GREEN and BLUE lots for the remainder of the Summer Semester. Students may park in any GREEN or BLUE lot without a permit displayed  until August 25, 2014. (Red permit lots, meters, reserved/assigned spaces and all other violations are still enforced.)



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Parking meters in Lot 1 just got more convenient.

Lot 1 Meters Take Credit

Lot 1 Meters Take Credit In an effort to make things more convenient for our guests, the single use meters in Lot 1 (near Garage 2) can now take Visa & MasterCard as well as coins.  You can use coins to buy a minimum of 15 minutes, credit cards can be used to buy a minimum of 1 hour.

Reminder: Meters are not for use by cars with permits.  They are reserved for guests to our campus only.  If you have a permit on your car be sure to park in the corresponding color lot.





How Not to Get a Citation

How Not to Get a Citation

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Permits are available online now.

Welcome Back!

Permits are available online now (early) for students, staff & faculty.  When you order online, make sure to print out your temporary permit and place it on your dash.  The temporary permit does have an expiration date, so make note of it and if for any reason you do not receive your permit in the mail before the expiration date, pop into the office in the Student Services Bldg to get one.

If you are an adjunct please give the office a call at 561-297-2771 to activate yours.

Here are your cheat sheets on how to get your permit!

How to get a permit

How to get a permit FACULTY


How Not to Get a Citation

How Not to Get a Citation

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Parking Office will close at noon 7/25/14 #MovingDay

Parking and Transportation Services office will close at noon on Friday July 25. The kiosk in bldg 69 and the Information Booth at the Glades Entrance will both be available.

We will reopen Monday in the Student Services Bldg 80.  We are so glad to be moving to the center of campus!

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Southern Half of Lot 1 Temporary Closure

lot1 closed 7/24/14

The Southern half of Lot 1 will be closed on 7/24/14 for re-striping. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The Southern half of Lot 1 will be closed on 7/24/14 for painting. Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thanks for your patience.

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Parking Office to Move to Student Services Bldg

In an effort to be more accessible and convenient to the FAU community, Parking & Transportation Services will be moving our office to the old cashier’s office in the Student Services Building (bldg. 80). We hope to be in our new home tentatively by July 28th, (barring any unforeseeable circumstances). Please be sure to follow us on Facebook (FAUParking) & Twitter (@FAUPark) for updates on any changes to our move date.

The Florida Atlantic University Police Department will remain in the Campus Operations Building (bldg. 69), and the self-serve parking permit kiosk currently housed in the lobby of the University Police Department will remain and be continue to be available for use.

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Commencement & Lot Closures

The University will mark the end of the 2014 Spring Semester with six commencement ceremonies on Thursday, May 1 and Friday, May 2. The ceremonies will be held in the Carole and Barry Kaye Performing Arts Auditorium on the Boca Raton campus. Commencement proceedings will begin at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. both days.

Boca Raton Campus employees are advised that traffic will be especially heavy on graduation day, particularly at the Glades Road entrance and along West University Drive. Parking Lot 16, located directly in front of the Student Union, will be reserved for disabled and VIP access for ceremony attendees only. Please note that on graduation day, Lot 16 will be considered a reserved lot and not available for use by permit holders.

Parking and Transportation Services and the FAU Police Department are requesting that all staff, faculty and students who work in Buildings Student Support Services (80), Student Union buildings (31 and 31A-E), and Housing (46) park in Lots 17, 19, 20 or Parking Garage One on Volusia Street. Employees working in buildings 80, 46 and 31 with valid disabled placards will be able to park in Lot 16. Please access the parking lot using the south-east entrance off of Dade Avenue. When approaching the parking lot, please have your disabled parking permit visible for verification upon entry to the lot.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to make this Graduation Day a day for the graduates and their guests to enjoy and remember. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 561.297.2771.

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Owl Express Pilot Route

We are trying something new! 

The Owl Express Shuttle will be providing a “pilot” route.  The route will be transporting in a counter clockwise direction.  The pilot will start April 21 and run until April 30, 2014, Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  Please let us know what you think of the new route, you can let us know on Facebook or email

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