10 Ways Social Media & the Web Can Enhance Your Everyday Life

10 Ways Social Media & the Web Can Enhance Your Everyday Life

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  1. Stay in Touch with Friends and Family
  • Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat offer ways to communicate with friends and family via use of comments or images. Comment on photos or posts to let your family and friends know you care.
  1. Learn About News and Current Events Instantly
  • The power of Twitter allows you to track events and happenings in real time by using hashtags (#) and reading user/business timelines. No need to wait for the 5 o’clock news or an article to be published on Fox or CNN. The most up-to-date information is in real time.
  1. Find New Cooking Recipes
  • YouTube and Google are great resources to learn new recipes for all skill levels. Cooking videos on YouTube provide easy-to-follow step-by-step guides to creating your new favorite meal.
  1. Preview Movies That Are in Theaters
  • Taking a break from the beach for a day or looking to avoid the rain by seeing a movie? Use YouTube to watch previews and even reviews of movies that are currently playing in the theater.
  1. Share Your Opinion
  • Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great platforms to share your opinion. Reddit and Facebook allow you to comment on relevant news and articles. YouTube is great for sharing thoughts on your favorite videos. Twitter allows users to voice their opinions in only 140 characters or less on anything that comes to mind.
  1. Share Photos and Videos
  • Facebook and Instagram are great ways to share photos and videos with friends and loved ones.
  1. Find Funny and Entertaining Content
  • Sometimes television or a book just won’t cut it. Use Facebook and YouTube to find funny and entertaining content that will keep you occupied for hours.
  1. Meet New People
  • Facebook Groups and MeetUp.com are great resources to find new friends that share the same passions and interests.
  1. Find New Restaurants and Things to Do
  • Yelp is the perfect platform to find new and exciting places to eat and/or things to do. See what your meal looks like before ordering, find out how costly a restaurant is, or even read recommendations on where to park, etc.
  1. Get Inspired by Pinterest
  • Use Pinterest to find ideas for your next hair style, home décor venture or even an exciting recipe.


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One comment on “10 Ways Social Media & the Web Can Enhance Your Everyday Life
  1. Jon Cordova says:

    Good article Mr. Williams so many ways to engage right now though our teenager is obsessed with snapchat.