By Judi Ross


René Friedman

Who of you reading this has ever been to a “Love Fest”?  Not I, until a week ago, when I was privileged to attend a gathering at FAU/LLS Jupiter to celebrate the founder of Lifelong Learning Jupiter, René Friedman, on the occasion of her retirement.  It was an event that was inspiring, heartwarming and totally unique.

René’s staff, colleagues and FAU officials came together to praise her perseverance, dynamism and graciousness plus her extraordinary fundraising skills in building her ideal – a house of learning for retirees and all who wanted to spend time in furthering their education.  This would not be just an edifice of brick and mortar.  Her vision was to build a place which would offer the opportunity to gain knowledge, make new friends, improve one’s health with meaningful activity and be an attractive destination. All became a reality and we are the lucky beneficiaries!


Dr. Taylor Hagood, Dean Heather Coltman, René Friedman and Dr. Jeffrey Morton

Most impressive was the substance of each participant’s appreciative talk – how being hired by René meant having a caring “Boss” who made them better as teachers and better as human beings.   Speakers (in order of appearance) included Joe Scott, who also served as Moderator for the evening; Dr. Eliah Watlington, Associate Provost of the FAU Northern Campuses; Ms. Josette Valenza, Director of the FAU Lifelong Learning Society, Jupiter; Dr. Robert Watson, FAU/LLS Faculty, Mr. Milton Maltz, FAU/LLS Member and Supporter; Dr. Jeffrey Morton, FAU/LLS Faculty; Dr.Taylor Hagood, FAU/ LLS Faculty; Dr. Heather Coltman, Dean of the FAU Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters; Mr. Richard Yorks, Past President of FAU/LLS, Jupiter; Dr. Robert Rabil, FAU/LLS Faculty, Ms. Myrna Goldberger, FAU/LLS Faculty; Mr. Bill Deigan, President of FAU/LLS Jupiter, and then Mrs. René Friedman herself.


René Friedman and Dr. Robert Rabil

René’s response, at the close of the evening’s program, was not only to thank everyone for making this such a memorable event, but to exclaim that now she, with all her fellow students, can awaken each morning, put her feet on the floor and say “Today I am going to school.”

And to that we can all say “Amen!” and “Thank you, René!”

Under the 19 years of René Friedman’s remarkable stewardship, the Lifelong Learning Society Jupiter went from 122 students meeting in various rented quarters around town to the present-day membership of more than 8,500 students housed in the beautiful Elinor Bernon Rosenthal Lifelong Learning Complex on the FAU John D. MacArthur Campus in Jupiter, Florida.  It is the largest Lifelong Learning Society in the United States with the most diverse subject matter offered.




Judi Ross, in her 19 years at FAU/LLS Jupiter, worked closely with René Friedman and has worn a number of hats: she served on the original Advisory Board, wrote the LLS Jupiter newsletter for a number of years and now serves on the Curriculum Committee and is Class  Coordinator for LLS Jupiter, a position she has held for 13 years.  It was a labor of love for her to write this post about her dear friend and colleague, René Friedman.

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  1. Katie Muldoon says:

    Fabulous round-up of an incredible evening I felt so privileged to attend. Rene is truly remarkable in so many different ways and we are all fortunate she is in our lives and we benefit from what she has built. Thanks for writing this!

  2. Lois and Sandy Edelstein says:

    Hi Judi,
    Beautifully said, Judi, to which we both fully agree. It has been an amazing journey, Rene, which we are so happy to have a small part in.
    Lois and Sandy Edelstein

  3. Andrea Palmer says:

    Wonderful summation of Rene’s influence and the appreciation she was given.

  4. Sandi Page says:

    A beautiful and well-deserved tribute to René, an extraordinary woman.

  5. Hope Goodsite says:


    Your tribute to Rene is as special and heartfelt as the wondrous evening we attended in Rene’s honor. I am so privileged to be a part of Rene’s dream which became a stunning reality.

  6. Mark Reisler says:

    This is a wonderful and well earned tribute to Rene. Thanks, Judi, for thoughtfulness in writing this and for your many years of dedicated service to Jupiter LLS.

  7. Gene Monahan says:

    Rene we were so proud to be a part of your wonderful celebration of achievement. What a legacy you leave behind. You will never know how much your LLS has meant to retirees like Tom and I. Every day that we attend school is a happy day and we are thrilled to be still enriching our minds.
    We look forward to seeing you frequently now as a fellow student. Love, Gene & Tom Monahan

  8. Rene' says:

    Judy what a wonderful article. Your writing is wonderful and you make it sound soooo good. Thank you my friend

  9. Robin Friedman says:

    Thanks for posting this Judy!! Mom-congrats. What an empire of learning you built! Humble,passionate and full of love.❤️

  10. Ginny Higgins says:

    Beautifully written Judi. And Rene – you have made such a difference in the lives of people you have touched. Thank you so much for all that you have accomplished. And now, how wonderful that we shall see you as a STUDENT!!!!