Resolved – Single Sign On (SSO) Service Interruption


Our single sign on (SSO) service is now fully restored and working as intended. If you have any issues with services, just close all your browser windows and re-try logging in. Thank you.

Original Post:

We have detected an issue with our single sign on (SSO) service where users may be getting a 503 error and not able to sign-in to new applications. Our single sign on service is now routing to a backup location. Users may need to close all browser windows and start a new session to ensure they can login correctly. Users already logged into applications, should not be impacted. We are now working towards restoring our main services for single sign on. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Resolved – Banner Services Unavailable

8/20/23 3:01PM:

Services are now restored.

Original Message:

At around 12:00PM today Banner services experienced an interruption. We are working with our Managed Services Provider to restore services as soon possible.

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RESOLVED – Ellucian Banner (Self-service/Admin) Production Service Unavailable

Update 8/14/23 9:33AM:

The Ellucian team resolved the issue with all Banner services. Users should now be able to log back into services and process any requests that were previously failing. The OIT team is also working on restarting all jobs and processes that may have failed due to this issue. All services are now reported to be restored.

Original Post:

Our Ellucian Banner system is currently experiencing issues, all applications related to Banner are impacted: Banner Admin, Banner Self-Service, Workflow, etc.

Users may see error messages stating that records cannot be inserted. We have raised a priority 1 case with our Ellucian Managed Services Provider and they are working at identifying the problem and will restore the service as quickly as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

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[RESOLVED] Student Loan Deferment Status & Enrollment Verification Link – Self Service Issue

UPDATE 7/28/2023 6:30PM:

The issue with the Clearinghouse link in Self-Service is now working as intended. All services are restored.


We are currently having an issue with out direct link with the Clearinghouse for student loan deferment and enrollment verification. Users will receive “Error Connecting to the National Student Clearinghouse Site” when the button is clicked in Self Service. We are working on restoring this service at this moment.

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RESOLVED – 07/19/23 9:15PM – Grademan, SoftLic, TechFee, WC Online and other services offline

UPDATE 7/19/23 9:15PM:

All services related to this issue are now restored. If you have any other issues with these services please submit a ticket with our Help Desk.

UPDATE 07/19/23 9:02AM:

We have identified other services that are impacted by these issues: Sunapsis and possibly other reporting tools. We currently do not have an ETA for the restoration of these services.


Due to system issues the following services are currently offline:

Service Awards
WC Online

We currently do not have an estimated time as to when these services will be restored. We will provide further updates via this post.

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[RESOLVED] Qualtrics Survey Service Outage

The Qualtrics service has been fully restored.


The Florida Atlantic University Qualtrics service is currently experiencing issues and is presenting an Organization Disabled message while trying to login. We are working with Qualtrics support now to work on restoring service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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RESOLVED – Banner Issues, Slowness and Timeouts

UPDATE 6/15/23 11:08AM:

The change rollback is now complete and we are seeing a significant positive performance impact on Banner Admin and other services. We believe the issue to be resolved at this moment, but we will still be monitoring Banner. If you are having issues, please close all your browser windows and sessions, and re-login to Banner Admin.

UPDATE 6/15/23 10:46AM:

Our Systems team is working on reverting back a change that was performed last night with some devices that host services such as Banner. Once this change is reverted, we will recheck the performance on Banner Admin, and see if it is back to normal.

UPDATE 6/15/23 10:00AM:

Ellucian is actively looking at the issue with the performance for Banner Admin. We see that at times it works correctly, but then will slow down and possibly time out. They have restarted services, which produced no change, they are now reviewing all the services in the environment to ensure everything is healthy. We apologize for the inconvenience, we will provide an update once we know more.


We are experiencing issues with our Banner service right now. When users are in Banner Admin sometimes it is processing forms, tabs and saves slowly. In addition, we are seeing that saves and sometimes just form searches are producing a “Your session has expired. Click to reload and access login page” message.

We are having our Ellucian Managed Services Provider review the environment now. Once we have more information, we will update this message. For now users are going to get an inconsistent behavior from Banner Admin and possible Self Service, where it may operate correctly for a few minutes but then start to slow down.

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RESOLVED – Owl Done Service Interruption

9:17PM 6/10/2023 Update:

We have restored the Owl Done service. We have verified that users can now login and are able to access all modules.

Original Message:

Users are experiencing issues connecting to Owl Done. We were able to replicate the issue where the browser loads after several seconds and then provides a “Something went wrong message” error 500. We are currently investigating the cause of this service outage, once identified, we will be working towards restoring the service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

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Workday Punchout – Service Issues

Update 5/23/23 4:30PM:

Workday has posted an alert, the punchout integration issue is impacting multiple clients:

From Workday:

Please note that we are currently experiencing issues with Supplier Punchout integrations completing successfully for Production tenants in WD1. This will result in a user never being redirected to the Supplier’s Procurement page when a Punchout session is initiated.

We are actively working to find a resolution as soon as possible. We apologize for any disruption this may cause and will provide you with an update by 2:00 PM PST.

Original Post:

The Workday Punchouts (Connect to Supplier Website) from the Requisition is experiencing an outage. We have raised a case with Workday to review our Production site and assist with determining the cause. We will post an update once we have more information.

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Resolved – Banner Service Invocation Failed

Good Morning – We were able to identify a service that was causing the interruption for Banner Admin. We made some changes, and now Banner Admin seems to be loading as expected. We will continue to monitor it at this point, but users should be able to connect now.

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