[Monitoring] Mediasite Inaccessible from Canvas

Mediasite is once again available via Canvas. OIT will continue to monitor the situation over the next several hours.

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Mediasite inaccessible from Canvas

Currently, Mediasite presentations and channels are inaccessible via Canvas. OIT is working with the vendor on a solution and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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[RESOLVED] Zoom recording import to Mediasite issue

Zoom imports to Mediasite have resumed.

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Zoom recording import to Mediasite issue

Currently, recordings made in zoom and configured for import to Mediasite are not being imported. OIT is working with the vendor to investigate and remedy this issue.

Manual upload via My Mediasite is still available.

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[Resolved] Mediasite-Canvas Integration Error

The issue with the Mediasite-Canvas Integration Error has been resolved. Links and catalogs are working as well as MyMediasite and the embed tool.

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Mediasite-Canvas Integration Error

Users are experiencing a LTI error when trying to access Mediasite through Canvas. OIT is aware problem and is investigating the situation with the vendor. We will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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[Resolved] MYFAU Mobile App Mail Issues

The issue has been resolved. If you continue to have problems, please try clearing your cache or restarting your phone to clear any lingering caching issues.


We have received reports of users having issues logging into Outlook mail from the MYFAU Mobile App. Some have had issues logging into the MYFAU Mobile App itself as well. We are investigating and will update when we have more information. In the meantime, users can access mail directly at: http://outlook.fau.edu/

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New Minimum Zoom Version

We want to inform you that the minimum Zoom Version supported will be 5.13.5. If your client does not update automatically, please download and install the latest updates to your Zoom desktop client. In addition, Zoom will no longer support clients below 5.13.5 on November 4th, 2023.

For instructions on how to update the Zoom client, check out Zoom’s video documentation.

3 Ways to update your Zoom Client

  • Open the Zoom client and click Update from the notification banner.
  • From your profile, click Check for Updates.
  • Go to zoom.us/download for updates.

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[RESOLVED] – Lockdown Browser Issue

Update: LockDown Browser for Windows, version, has been released. This release addresses a false positive with AVG and Avast virus detection software and security enhancements.

Existing installs of LockDown Browser will be auto-updated shortly.┬áTo obtain the latest version ( use the “Check for Update” feature or run the full installation program.


There is a known issue with Respondus Lockdown Browser for Windows for users running AVAST or AVG anti-virus software.

Both anti-virus products are currently being incorrectly detected by LockDown Browser as a blocked application. They are working to create a fix to correct this “false positive,” and this fix will take a few weeks.

Respondus advises students running either product that they will need to temporarily disable Avast/AVG when needing to take an exam that requires LockDown Browser. Once the exam is submitted, they can enable Avast/AVG again. Alternatively, they can disable Avast/AVG, but utilize a different anti-virus product on their computer until the fix is available.

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[UPDATE] AT&T Connectivity Issues to FAU

The connectivity issues between AT&T and FAU appear to be improving and FAU services should be generally available to users on AT&T internet connections at this time. We are still seeing small amounts of packet loss, however, affecting both AT&T and Comcast. These disruptions appear to be the result of several fiber cuts across south Florida causing congestion at ISPs.

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