New Computer Virus outbreak

We would like to provide you with an update regarding this latest strand of computer virus:

– This latest computer virus is called ChangeUp. – It is a self-evolving computer virus thus it is more difficult to catch. – Microsoft has no solution to clean this virus as of this reporting, and we are in the process of contacting Microsoft as well. Their lines and support center are inundated. – Symantec has information to contain this computer virus; however, there is no clean up solution short of restoring the Operating System. – Currently, we have 15 reported cases on campus and we are in the process of contacting these users to restore their systems. – Share drives will be taken off line at 2:00PM today in order to move this service behind FAU Firewall. This will prevent new strands of this virus from reaching these shares. – Symantec anti-virus will continue to run to identify variations of this virus on well over 200 shares over the next 48 hours. – Well over 100 sites around the country that are distributing this virus should be blocked based on recommendations from Symantec. We are in the process of blocking these sites.

As more information becomes available we will share it with you. In the meantime, share drives consisting of drive Q:, N:, O:, P: and special drives will be taken off-line for emergency migration behind the firewall.

We truly apologize for this; however, this virus is serious and it has already infected several major organizations around the country.


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