Resolved – Banner Admin Service & Self Service 9 Registration Issues

Banner Admin is now working as expected, in addition to Banner Self Service 9 Registration.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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UPDATE – Banner Admin Service & Self Service 9 Registration Issues


We are also receiving reports that the Self Service 9 Registration service is having issues. When students click on register for classes, they are receiving a 500 error. These issues seem to be related with admin as well, we are working on identifying and correcting it as quickly as possible.

For now users will have issues with Banner Admin and Banner Self Service 9. In addition, some other Banner services may be impacted.


We have some users that are having issues with Banner admin. When trying to login, it stays on a blank page and never logs in the user. We are looking a this now, and will report back once we identify the issue.

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