[RESOLVED] Page errors when attempting to access Canvas


#2 Canvas should now be operational. A fix was applied and is currently being monitored. (10:25 AM est)

#1 Canvas has identified the issue and applying a fix. (9:07 AM est)

When trying to access Canvas, users may get a 504 Gateway Time-Out error.

This has been reported to Canvas and they are currently investigating the issue.




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[Resolved] Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor Option Unavailable

[Update] All exams that use Respondus Monitor are now available and working.

[earlier message] Exams that are using Respondus Lockdown Browser with the Monitor option is currently unavailable.
We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

  • ✅Exams/Tests using Lockdown Browser ONLY (without monitor) are working as expected. 
  • ❌Exams/Tests using Lockdown Browser & Monitor are currently unavailable.
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Grade Submission: Emergency Maintenance

Grades Grade Submission DOWNTIME

The eGrades Grade Submission tool will be down temporarily from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM on December 8th, 2018 to preform emergency maintenance.

This update will fix the duplicate listings on the eGrades receipt page for courses with cross listed sections, performance enhancements, and extra verification for Grade Submission.

Instructors will be unable to submit grades during the time period stated above.


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[resolved] eGrades Submission Currently Unavailable

UPDATE: The issue has been resolved.

Instructors trying to submit their final grades using Blackboard Banner Grade Submission and Canvas Grade Submission will get an error when trying to submit their grades.

Instructors SHOULD NOT submit their grades through the Learning Management System at this time.

OIT is actively working to resolve the issue.



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[Resolved] AWS Restored: Impaired functionality between Canvas and Amazon continues

All services appear to be resolved.

Monitoring Feb 28, 15:59 MST

Amazon has verified that uploads to their service should be working again; users should be seeing improved performance with their uploads to Canvas. Our DevOps team is continuing to monitor the situation, but we are not currently aware of any lingering issues that affect Canvas functionality at this time.

Update Feb 28, 14:37 MST

In our previous update, we mentioned there would still be areas of impaired functionality between Canvas and Amazon. The biggest area of impact right now is that uploads are not yet working. This includes student uploads to assignments, instructor grade uploads, and similar functions, but also the ability for Canvas’ background processes to upload files such as admin reports (which is required as part of the process to generate a report at the account level). You may continue to see issues with this, and other areas in Canvas, as Amazon works to fully restore all services.

Update Feb 28, 14:15 MST

Canvas performance and service recovery continues to progress quickly. Although many users should now be able to access Canvas, there may still be areas of impaired functionality as we work through remaining issues.

Update Feb 28, 13:54 MST

We are beginning to see positive indications of recovery and have successfully tested workflows that were previously failing. We are still awaiting full resolution, and we will provide updates as the situation continues to improve.

Update Feb 28, 13:45 MST

AWS is still working through their recovery process. Unfortunately, the number of Amazon services that have been impacted has grown in the time it took to find the root cause, and it will be a significant effort on their side to recover all of the services. They are understandably starting with the most critical ones. Since Canvas depends on so many of their services, a full recovery may still take some time.

On our side, our DevOps team has moved on to other ideas about how to get from a “service disruption” state to a “degraded performance” state in Canvas. We are also discussing the plans for addressing similar circumstances in the future, though our options are limited due to the perniciousness of this incident; but we are considering all options at this time.

Update Feb 28, 13:05 MST

Amazon is continuing to work through their recovery process. On our side, our DevOps team has implemented a temporary change to ensure tools and apps not hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) are still accessible to those that are able to access Canvas, which is an improvement to the complete service disruption we have had since 10:37 AM MST. However, the majority of Canvas users are still unable to access their Canvas site, due to the outage with AWS.

We will continue our efforts to ensure a good experience with Canvas for users once they are able to access the site again, and will provide an update on the overall issue within the next 30 minutes.

Update Feb 28, 12:29 MST

As Amazon works to restore availability in their systems, our DevOps team continues their efforts to expedite the process to restore access to Canvas. We will provide a new update on their progress in 30 minutes or less.

Update Feb 28, 12:04 MST

Amazon Web Services has informed us that they have identified the underlying root cause of the issue and they are beginning the remediation process. Our internal DevOps team continues to explore options to facilitate faster recovery.

Update Feb 28, 11:52 MST

Amazon is still working to restore server access for sites that have been affected by their outage today, including many Canvas sites. They will keep us updated on their progress.

Identified Feb 28, 11:27 MST

Amazon has narrowed the scope of their investigation and has identified a specific region impacted by the networking issue. They are actively working on a solution. Our own DevOps team is investigating options that may allow us to work around the problem. We will provide another update in 15 minutes.

Identified Feb 28, 11:27 MST

Amazon has identified the issue as being limited to a set of servers in the US. They are actively working on finding a fix to address the errors you are seeing.

Update Feb 28, 11:08 MST

Amazon has updated their status page to indicate they are investigating increased error rates for their servers. They are working with us to provide updates on the issue; we will update this page with any new information. In the meantime, you can monitor their status page at https://status.aws.amazon.com/. Other Amazon Web Service Applications may be affected.

Update Feb 28, 11:03 MST

Amazon Web Services is currently experiencing what appears to be a large-scale networking issue that has impacted Instructure along with many other companies. We are working with Amazon to diagnose the problem and waiting for updates on their mitigation timeline. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information.

Investigating Feb 28, 10:50 MST

Canvas is currently experiencing an outage that we are investigating. Our DevOps team has determined that this is an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Outage. We will post updates as they become available.

Updates will follow as they become available.

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[Completed] Blackboard Emergency Maintenance, Wednesday Feb 3 from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM

OIT will be performing emergency maintenance on Blackboard, tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb 3 from 4:00 AM – 6:00 AM. Blackboard will be unavailable during this time. This maintenance will resolve current issues with Item Analysis and SCORM packages.

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[RESOLVED]Blackboard users may experience slowness


The issue has been resolved



Blackboard users may experience slowness when loading the home page modules and courses. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

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RESOLVED: Blackboard Assignment Tool

The Assignment Tool issue in Blackboard has been resolved. Instructors with affected student submissions should have received an email today (12/2/14) with the names of students, assignments, and courses that were affected. This email also contains instructions on how to clear the attempts so students may resubmit.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket to helpdesk.fau.edu

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UPDATE: Blackboard Assignment Tool

We have identified the issue with the Blackboard Assignment Tool and we are working towards a full resolution.

Students are currently able to make submissions to assignments and instructors are able to successfully view and grade these attempts. However, if they previously tried to make a submission between  10:22 PM on 11/29 and 6:20 PM on 11/30 the attempt will be inaccessible. The students will get an error when trying to resubmit and the instructor will receive an error when trying to view the attempt. We are working closely with Blackboard support to resolve the issue.

Instructors, please be on the look out for a detailed email tomorrow morning. 

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket to  helpdesk.fau.edu 

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Blackboard Assignment Tool Currently Unavailable

The Blackboard Assignment tool is currently unavailable. Students may receive error messages while trying to submit their assignment. Instructors may receive an error message while attempting to view assignment submissions via the Grade Center or Needs Grading area.

We are currently working to resolve the issue.

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