BHRIC Virtual Desktops

We are currently investigating some users having issues connecting to BHRIC Virtual Desktops. We will check back in on or around 1pm as we learn more.

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Opt-in to Migrate to Microsoft Outlook 365

Starting Tuesday, January 17th, 2023 at 6 am students will be prompted to optionally Migrate to Microsoft Office 365 when they login to various services and websites. 

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Addition of Google Workspace Quota Login Prompt

Starting at 4 pm October 14th, 2022 users who are using more than 5GB in Google Workspace will receive a notification upon login to all SSO services. This prompt will continue until they decrease their Google Workspace usage. Please be aware that it may take up to 48 hours for Google correctly report usage to OIT so please be patient after cleaning up your account. More information may be located at the Google Workspace site. 

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Google Workspace idle account suspension

OIT will be suspending inactive Alumni accounts (those not used for +180 days) at 8 am Thursday, October 13th.

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Network Registration Upgrade

Network Registration for wireless and wired networks was upgraded this morning. If you experience any issue registering computers, printers or other devices please submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

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Graduate College Admissions Application Restart

The Graduate College Admissions Application needed to be restarted several times between 10 pm and 10:30 pm on August 10th, 2022 to resolve an issues with the Fall 2022 term and filtering degree programs. The issues have now been resolved and there should be no additional downtime.

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College of Business Admissions Application

The College of Business Admissions Application will be offline at 1 pm 3/30/2022 for a brief update. It should return to service by 1:15 pm 3/30/2022.

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BHRIC Virtual Desktops is currently offline due to an VMware error that occurred while applying updates. We are currently on the phone with VMware attempting to resolve the issue but do not expect it to be online by 8 am. At this time users should connect to to connect to the BHRIC Virtual Desktops. We are working with the firewall team to make sure all users have access to this URL.

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BHRIC Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Maintenance

THE BHRIC Virtual Desktop Infrastructure will be updated Friday morning at 3 am. As OIT will be replacing the DHCP server be sure to reach out if there are any BHRIC/secure virtual desktop (VDI).

Issues should be reported to Research Computing <> through your College or Division’s support team.

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Research Computing Resources

A critical server within the Research Computing cluster failed due to load and resulted in a full reboot being required. We are currently working on bringing services back online.

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February 2023