[RESOLVED] – Lockdown Browser Issue

Update: LockDown Browser for Windows, version, has been released. This release addresses a false positive with AVG and Avast virus detection software and security enhancements.

Existing installs of LockDown Browser will be auto-updated shortly.┬áTo obtain the latest version ( use the “Check for Update” feature or run the full installation program.


There is a known issue with Respondus Lockdown Browser for Windows for users running AVAST or AVG anti-virus software.

Both anti-virus products are currently being incorrectly detected by LockDown Browser as a blocked application. They are working to create a fix to correct this “false positive,” and this fix will take a few weeks.

Respondus advises students running either product that they will need to temporarily disable Avast/AVG when needing to take an exam that requires LockDown Browser. Once the exam is submitted, they can enable Avast/AVG again. Alternatively, they can disable Avast/AVG, but utilize a different anti-virus product on their computer until the fix is available.

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