[Monitoring] Zoom to Mediasite Imports stalled

OIT has put in place a fix for this issue and is currently monitoring its progress. However, some users may see duplicates of their zoom recordings appear in MyMediasite as the two systems sync. It is safe to delete the additional recording once it has imported.

Users with stalled imports should see them import in the next few days.

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Zoom to Mediasite Imports stalled

Zoom recordings are not automatically importing to MyMediasite. OIT is investigating this issue with the vendor. Users may still manually download Zoom recordings and upload them to MyMediasite.

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[Resolved] Turnitin Intermittent Issues

The issues affecting Turnitin have been resolved.

Turnitin is currently investigating issues associated with Turnitin Feedback Studio. Teachers and students may experience errors when providing and viewing feedback on submitted papers. For immediate updates, visit Turnitin’s Status Page here.

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[Resolved] MyOpenMath Invalid Consumer error

The issue with MyOpenMath is resolved. Students should now be able to access MyOpenMath assignments through Canvas.

Users trying to access MyOpenMath assignments through Canvas are currently experiencing errors. This issue is being assessed by MyOpenMath. We are posting updates as we get more news. Thank you for your patience!

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[Resolved] AWS Issues Affecting Some Canvas Users

This incident has been resolved.

Canvas is reporting that some users are being affected by an issue with Amazon Web Services (AWS). They are currently investigating the issue.

Our Canvas uptime is still at 100% for now, but interruptions may occur during the period of this issue. For an updated status, click here.

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[RESOLVED] AWS issues affecting Canvas

Current disruptions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) are impacting Canvas and related tools, causing them to be slow or inaccessible. We are currently monitoring the situation and will provide updates as we receive them. 

Tools that may be temporarily inaccessible or slow include:

  • Canvas
  • Achieve (Macmillan)
  • iClicker
  • Honorlock
  • Lockdown Browser (Respondus)
  • Pearson MyLab & other systems
  • TopHat
  • WileyPlus
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Certificate Expired error when signing in to Canvas

Mac users running macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or earlier are experiencing a “certificate expired” error when trying to sign in to Canvas. If you are experiencing this, click this link to learn how to run software updates on your Mac. Once updated, you should be able to sign in without experiencing the error.

We are aware that certain Apple devices cannot be updated past a certain OS version. In these cases, either find a new device to replace your current one or consult the FAU Library’s Laptop Computer Loan Policy*If applying, please mention that you are using an older Mac computer and cannot use Canvas on it in the notes field of the application.*

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[Resolved] Mediasite Disruption

The disruption to Mediasite services has been resolved

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Mediasite Disruption

Sonic Foundry engineers are currently investigating performance issues with Mediasite Video Cloud. Users may receive errors or timeouts when attempting to access Mediasite presentations at this time.

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[Resolved] WileyPLUS Assignment Issues

WileyPLUS has reported that the technical issues with the assignment section of WileyPLUS is resolved. If you are still experiencing technical problems with the integration, please contact WileyPLUS Support here.

[Resolved]WileyPLUS has reported that users are experiencing technical issues with the assignment section of WileyPLUS. They are working to resolve the issue. For more information, please check their incident’s status page.[Resolved]

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