[resolved] OmniUpdate CMS is experiencing slow response times

Issue message from the vendor: OmniUpdate and our OU Campus servers are currently being hit with a DDOS attack. We are working with our ISP to resolve this as soon as possible.

Solution message from vendor: Access to OU Campus servers has been restored. We are waiting on a report from our ISP on the specifics of the outage that occurred with our ISP from 7:30AM this morning until 9:15AM (PST).

Final Update from vendor ISP:

  • The outage this morning was not caused by what was preliminarily thought to be a DDoS attack on our ISP.
  • Preliminary reports point to edge routers at a number of large ISPs globally, running out of TCAM memory to store IPv4 routing tables. Many of these routers can store a max of 512K routes, and that cap was exceeded today. Broad Internet outages have been reported in a number of countries.
  •  http://ocn.omniupdate.com/forum/topics/isp-outage-on-august-12-2014
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