[REMINDER] Duo Authentication for Faculty, Staff, and Health Email Tomorrow

As previously announced in the HR Weekly emails, FAU will be enabling Duo authentication on Faculty, Staff, and Health email accounts tomorrow. Users of the Faculty, Staff, and Health email systems will receive a new authentication prompt the first time they check their email after the overnight maintenance. This prompt will appear similar to other FAU NetID login prompts. The original communication is provided below:


The University is in the process of enhancing the security of University faculty/staff email accounts as part of our overall project to implement multi-factor authentication across University services. As of May 20, 2021, users will be asked to authenticate via Duo when connecting to their faculty/staff email accounts.  

If you are already signed in on an email client or mobile device, you may be asked to authenticate again using Duo. The prompt for Duo will look like prompts for other University services, and there will be green buttons for various options as usual. While you may be asked for Duo authentication every time you access your email via Outlook Web Access, mobile phone clients and desktop Outlook clients should not prompt you in the future unless an extended period has elapsed since the last authentication. 

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