Resolved – Banner Admin Login Issues

UPDATE 3:47PM: Our Ellucian Managed Services Provider restarted services and cleared some items for the service that they believe were causing the issues with the login times. For the past few hours the Banner Admin has been stable. We will continue monitoring.


This week we have been experiencing issues with login times to Banner Admin, where when a user logs in, the SSO login page will continue to spin, eventually landing the user either in an active session or providing an error message such as a Login Denied.

This is happening inconsistently throughout the day, users are eventually able to login, once connected they don’t have further issues. In addition, Banner Self-Service works correctly during these times. We are working with Ellucian to try and determine the cause of the issue, but we are still researching as it is inconsistent.

We will be doing maintenance tonight to replace one of the application servers and then will determine if it alleviates the situation. We asked that users that are not able to login, wait 5 minutes and try again. We appreciate your understanding as we work to resolve these issues.

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