Minimum Zoom Client Version for Fall 2022

Scheduled End-of-life for Clients Below 5.3.0 (8/6/2022)

On August 6, 2022, Zoom will be retiring significantly older client versions for Zoom Client for Meetings, Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone, Virtual Room Connector, SDK, and VDI to address a security vulnerability. Please find the full list of products and versions in the table below. After August 6, 2022, users will not be able to log in or join meetings from versions below 5.3.0 (originally released in September 2020). As always, we highly recommend you regularly download and update to the latest version of Zoom software to take advantage of all our latest security and functionality features.

The Zoom products that have a new minimum version required as of 8/6/2022 include:

– Zoom Client: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Intune and Blackberry (5.3.0)
– Zoom Rooms and Zoom Room Controller (5.3.0)
– Zoom Phone Appliances (5.3.0)
– VDI Client and VDI Plug-in (3.2.0 (5.3.45604.0927))
– Virtual Room Connector (Platform-VRC-EP-20220415)
– Meeting SDK Client (More info:
– Win : 5.4.54524.1229 (2020-12-29)
– MacOS : 5.4.54528.1230
– IOS :5.4.54520.1229
– Android :
– Video SDK Client (More info:
– Windows, macOS, iOS, Android (1.0.2)

Chrome OS app, Outlook Plugin, and Browser Scheduler Extensions for Chrome and Firefox are not affected by this.

Start Time: Aug. 6, 18:00 PDT

Estimated Duration: 5 Hours

Components Affected:

  • Zoom Meeting – Zoom Meetings
  • Zoom Video Webinars- Zoom Video Webinar
  • Zoom Chat – Chat
  • Zoom Room – Zoom Room
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