OIT Systems Maintenance, Thurs. Nov 16 from 12:01AM – 7:00AM

Office of Information Technology will be performing routine systems maintenance which includes but is not limited to rebooting Windows servers as deemed necessary, installing critical patches and other health checks on Thursday, 11/16/2023 from 12:01 AM to 7:00 AM during OIT maintenance window. In addition, the following systems will be specifically impacted:

Data Center Storage Upgrade (Netapp Snapvault Cluster)
Description of change: OIT will perform software upgrades to the Netapp Snapvault Cluster
Downtime window start: 11/15/2023 10:00 AM
Downtime window end: 11/15/2023 5:00 PM
Affected services: Snapvault functionality for Netapp volumes
End-user impact: No end-user impact is expected. This is a backend netapp cluster for backup purposes

Banner AppNav Maintenance
Description of change: The Banner AppNav that is used for the Banner Admin application will be upgraded, and the current server will be decommissioned.
Downtime window start: 11/16/2023 6:00 AM
Downtime window end: 11/16/2023 6:30 AM
Affected services: Banner admin might not be accessible while the switch happens, or current sessions might disconnect.
End-user impact: Staff will not be able to login to Banner Admin while the change takes place, current sessions might also be impacted.

Student Health Server Maintenance (Dental and EKG)
Description of change: Research Computing will be performing maintenance of the Servers used for the Dental department and the EKG machines. During this time the services will be offline and the devices ( x-ray and EKG machines) will not be able to connect to their services.
Downtime window start: 11/14/2023 8:00 PM
Downtime window end: 11/15/2023 4:00 AM
Affected services: Dental X-Rays and EKG for Student Health
End-user impact: The dental and EKG machines will be off line during this time. However, the clinic is closed so there is no end user impact unless something does not work correctly in the morning.

Zero Cost Textbook Feature Implementation
Description of change: In Banner, placing an attribute on course section to display an ICON for Zero Textbook Courses, so that the students can easily identify Zero Textbook category courses.
End-user impact: Students
Downtime window start: 11/16/2023 12:00 AM
Downtime window end: 11/16/2023 1:00 AM
Affected services: FAU Banner/ Student Registration App

Data Center Storage Upgrade (Netapp Disaster Recovery Cluster)
Description of change:
Downtime window start: 11/16/2023 10:00 AM
Downtime window end: 11/16/2023 5:00 PM
Affected services: disaster recovery snapshot functionality for netapp volumes
End-user impact: No end-user impact is expected. This is the DR netapp cluster for disaster recovery purposes

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