[Resolved] Webex Meetings: Users unable to connect to Meeting services

Locations: US data centers

Apr 16, 6:18 PM EDT
MonitoringA network event caused specific service traffic to be interrupted across the US Webex data centers. While we continue our root cause analysis to identify the source of the traffic interruption, additional mitigations have been implemented to ensure we avoid a recurrence. Services have been fully restored and engineering will continue to monitor the global Webex environment.

Apr 16, 05:44 PM EDT

Identified – Engineering continues to work to restore services and we are now seeing Meetings services recover. Engineering is working to complete the remediation activities. Affected users should retry their operation to connect. Mobile clients, Webex Teams, Webex Messenger, Webex Devices, SIP connections, PSTN audio-call in and other video devices are also available join methods. Engineering will provide updates as the restoration activities complete and we move into a monitoring status.

Apr 16, 04:42 PM EDT

Identified – Meeting services hosted within the US data centers are experiencing delays and failures joining or utilizing the Meetings services. Engineering is taking corrective actions to work to restore services. Users that are affected can retry or wait for the join as some joins are succeeding, but are delayed. Users can also join ongoing meetings using audio call-in. Users may also now be able to connect using Webex Teams or video devices (SIP). We are working quickly to restore services and will provide updates as quickly as we can.

Apr 16, 04:19 PM EDT

Investigating – Engineering is working on addressing an issue affecting meeting joins for users connecting to the SJC and DFW US data centers. Affected users will see error messages or failures when joining using the desktop or Webex Teams client. Engineering is working to restore services. We apologize for this impact and will provide updates as soon as they are available.

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